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Book A Virtual Pass Before 5pm Today For Just £239* - SAVE £160! 31 High-Level, Strategic Internal Communications Strategies To Engage Every Employee, Maintain Organisational Cohesiveness & Position Internal Comms At The Strategic Forefront Of Workplace Evolution!

Embed Brand New, Practical, Post-Pandemic Learnings To Position IC As A Business-Critical Function: Post-Pandemic Innovation • IC’s Strategic Value • Build Strong Workplace Culture • Take Advantage Of Accelerated Digital Transformation • Engagement Through The Entire Employee Lifecycle • Authentic Diversity & Inclusion • Effective Measurement • Reach The Hard To Reach • Content & Channel Excellence

A One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Virtual Event, 27th January 2022, Via Live Stream. Group Discounts Available! Book 4 For 3.

31 Cross-Sector Internal Communications Thought Leaders Share Their Updated Approaches To Break New Ground With Effective Comms Strategies & Shape Ongoing Business Strategy

  1. Innovative Post-Pandemic Internal Comms Strategies: Drive business success with tools and position internal communications at the strategic forefront of workplace evolution and engagement
  2. Solidify IC’s Value In Business Strategy: Internal comms has never been more integral to smooth business operations, so how can you cement your seat at the table with leadership?
  3. Employee Experience, Lifecycle & Human Connection: Drive connection, productivity and engagement through person-centred conversations
  4. Tech, Tools & Digital Transformation: Refresh tools and embed effective tech in your communication ecosystem
  5. Engaging Every Employee: Top tips to reach all employees with authentic, compelling messaging - no matter their work environment
  6. Bulletproof Workplace Culture: Maintain organisation cohesiveness and robust cultures despite internal and external change
  7. Channels & Content Success: Social media, intranet, emails, apps… the list is ever growing – choose the best channels and create amazing content to increase interaction and buy-in
  8. The Responsibility Of IC To Further D&I Progress: How can we go beyond the superficial to achieve tangible strategies which support diversity, education and, above all, inclusion?
  9. Measure Internal Comms’ Impact & Influence: Tools and tactics to proactively measure and to benchmark results and maximise
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Can You Help Internal Communication Professionals Drive Employee Engagement & Real Business Impact?

For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

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‘Great topic and audience. It's a must go conference!' 


‘Venue was good…food was good…content excellent. Overall a positive experience. Good delegate list with a number of interesting discussions.’

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PLUS! What's New At The 7th Annual Virtual Internal Communications Conference?

  • Revolutionising IC strategies for 2022 and the workplace evolution!
  • 30 Internal Communications Directors speaking from leading brands and organisations
  • The latest internal comms insights and challenges faced right now
  • 10 advanced sessions, live polls, panel discussions and round table debates
  • 3 interactive thought-leaders panel discussions: A) The Evolution Of Workplace Culture B) Practical Post-Pandemic IC Strategies C) Employee Experience & Engagement D) Fresh Takes On The Best Channel & Content Strategy
  • 6 informal breakouts discussions: A) Wellbeing B) Change C) Social Media D) Employee Advocacy E) Content & Storytelling F) Crisis Comms

30 In-House Internal Communications Directors Tackle Your Toughest Challenges In 1 Day: Practical Post-Pandemic Strategies • The Strategic Role Of IC • Tech, Tools & Digital Transformation • Employee Experience & Engagement • The Evolution of Workplace Culture • Channels & Content Strategy • Hard To Reach • D&I • Measurement

Learning Lessons From Times Of Rapid Change, Crisis & Uncertainty For Engaging, Strategic & Connected Internal Communications: Future-Proofed Comms Strategies To Drive Employee Engagement & Real Business Performance, Proactively Plan For Crisis & Change, Transform Digital Communications, Connect Remote Workers, Perfect Measurement-Focused, Multi-Channel Strategies, Establish Supportive Workplace Cultures, Win Leadership Buy-In & Cement IC As A Mission-Critical, Strategic Function

A European, Practitioner-Led, One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 4th November 2020, Postillion Hotel & Convention Center, Amsterdam

Bastiaan Verweij, Director of Internal Communications & Project Management, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Ricardo Martin, Director, Communications - Digital Dialogue, Media & Analyst Relations, ABB Ability™– Digital ABB

Edel Clancy, Director of Communications & Corporate Affairs, Musgrave Group

Tim Rutter, Head of UK Internal Communications, Tata Steel Europe

Eike Croucher, Head of Communications EMEA & CIS, Agricultural Solutions, BASF

Marielle Harsveldt, Global Head of Internal Communications, Aegon

Take A Look At Our Sister Event Below - The Internal Communications Conference In London!

Engage & Inspire, Boost Bottom-Line Results & Add Business Value With Strategic, Authentic & Empowering Internal Communications: Boost Employee Experience & Productivity & Prove The Strategic Impact Of Internal Communications With The Latest Digital Tools & Fresh, Innovative Measurement-Focused Strategies That Empower Leaders, Secure Senior Buy-In & Drive Successful Culture Change & Multi-Channel Comms.

A Practitioner-Led, One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 8th September 2020, One Great George Street, Central London. Follow @CommsConf

36 In-House Internal Communications Direcctors Tackle Your Toughest Challenges In 1 Day: Engagement & Change • The Strategic Role Of IC • Digital Tools & Trends • Measurement • Empower Leaders • Culture Change • Audience-Led Channel Mix • Achieving Buy-In •  Dispersed Workforces • Content & Messaging • Future Of Internal Comms

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Position Internal Communications As An Essential Business Function With The Right Tech & Social Media Platform Mix, Fresh Content & Engagement Strategies & Clearly Measured Results That Generate Buy-In & Authentic Leadership Comms For Boosted Employee Engagement Across The Entire Workforce

  1. Drive Engagement, Productivity & Employee Experience: Innovative, attention-grabbing internal communications to inspire employees in the face of ongoing change
  2. Prove The Strategic Power Of Internal Comms! Gain trusted advisor status and position IC as an integral function within the business which drives strategic direction
  3. What’s The Latest Tech & Digital Tools To Invest In? Discover the newest digital and social media platforms on the market to keep your communications on point
  4. Measure Results & Secure Buy-In: Next-level measurement strategies which truly capture successes for ongoing investment and support from above
  5. Leaders – Your Best Communicators! Develop a close working relationship with leaders and inspire them to become authentic communicators for messages that are driven from the top
  6. Effective Internal Comms For Successful Culture Change: Work towards an open, empowered culture across your organisation that embraces change
  7. Tailor An Optimal Channel Mix: Get to grips with your audience demographics and determine the best channel mix for engaging, multichannel communications
  8. Engage The Hard-To-Reach Overcome Barriers: Whether it’s deskless workers or different time zones, bridge gaps with fresh strategies for reaching and engaging multiple workforces
  9. Excite Employees With Impactful Content: Captivating video, podcast and storytelling strategies that strike the right tone and are impossible to scroll past
  10. What Does The Future Hold For Internal Comms? Keep pace with today’s changing environment and understand key trends for 2020 and beyond for future-proofed internal communication strategies

Our Previous Delegate Testimonials Speak For Themselves:

'Sharing varied, practical insight to improve your internal comms and engagement strategy – inspiring ideas.'

'A good mix of industry sectors represented and a great set of informative speakers.'

'A fantastic place to get ideas and see what has worked in other places.' 

'Very useful insights and best practice from different companies. Great for networking and developing new ideas.'