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Inspire, Motivate & Engage Employees, Boost Results & Empower A Hybrid Workforce With Brand New, Engaging, Impactful & Strategic Internal Communications. 31 Inspiring Speakers In 1 Day!

Hybrid & Flexible Working • Employee Engagement & Experience • Channel Mix • Digital & Technology Toolkits • The Strategic Role Of Internal Communications • Digital Transformation • Employee Health & Wellbeing & Workplace Cultures • Diversity & Inclusion • Future Trends Of Internal Communications

A One-Day, European, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Event, 17th November 2022, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Group Discounts Available! Book 4 For 3. No Visa Needed From Most EU Countries - Find Out More.

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31 Cross-Sector Internal Communications Experts Provide Valuable Insights To Develop Employee-Centric Communications Strategies That Boost Engagement & Bottom-Line Results & Incorporate Digital Innovations To Drive Productivity & Prepare For The Future

  1. Position Internal Comms As A Critical & Strategic Function! Emphasise the continued importance and prove the value of to secure a seat at the top table
  2. Inspire & Engage Employees With High-Impact Strategies: Secure boosted engagement by embedding people-centric internal communications in your workforce
  3. Maximise Cutting-Edge Digital & Tech Innovations: Drive productivity with fresh and innovative digital tools, tech and frameworks to boost efficiencies and productivity
  4. Cut-Through With A Streamlined & Tailored Multi-Channel Mix: Guarantee increased engagement with a tailored and refined channel mix for maximum impact and reach
  5. Prioritise Your Workplace Culture & Employee Health & Wellbeing: Cultivate a supportive and open culture which drives feelings of belonging and connection across the organisation
  6. Fresh & Innovative Insights On Hybrid & Flexible Working: Examine the new ways of working from home into dynamic, adaptable and future-proofed strategies
  7. Drive Digital Transformation In Internal Communications: Increase agility in digital adoption to capitalise on evolving trends and deliver outstanding and effective comms
  8. Power Practical Diversity & Inclusion Action: Embed D&I into the core of your IC strategies to create a supportive, diverse, and inclusive workforce and company culture
  9. Future Trends & Horizon Scanning – Looking Beyond: Future-proof your IC strategies to ensure they are ready to tackle unexpected crises in 2022 and beyond
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PLUS! What's New At The Internal Communications Amsterdam Conference?

  • Revolutionising Internal Comms strategies for 2023!
  • 31 Internal Communications Directors speaking from leading brands and organisations
  • The latest internal comms insights and challenges faced right now
  • 9 advanced sessions, live polls, panel discussions and Q&A
  • 4 interactive thought-leaders panel discussions: A) Employee Engagement & Experience B) Strategic Role Of Internal Comms C) Diversity & Inclusion D) The Future Trends Of IC
  • 2 double perspectives: A) Digital Transformation B) Employee Health & Wellbeing & Workplace Cultures
  • 8 International Perspectives!

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31 In-House Internal Communications Directors Tackle Your Toughest Challenges In 1 Day: Hybrid & Flexible Working • Employee Engagement & Experience • Channel Mix • Digital & Technology Toolkits • The Strategic Role Of Internal Communications • Digital Transformation • Employee Health & Wellbeing & Workplace Cultures • Diversity & Inclusion • Future Trends Of Internal Communications

12 Years Of Market-Leading Events & 100% Satisfaction Rating At Our Most Recent Conferences... Past Delegates Say It The Best:

Inspire, Motivate & Engage Employees, Boost Results & Empower A Hybrid Workforce With Brand New, Engaging, Impactful & Strategic Internal Communications.
Hybrid & Flexible Working • Employee Engagement & Experience • Channel Mix • Digital & Technology Toolkits • The Strategic Role Of IC • Digital Transformation • Employee Health & Wellbeing & Workplace Cultures • Diversity & Inclusion • Future Trends Of IC

A One-Day, European, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Event, 17th November 2022, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.10 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Hendrik de Wit, Group Director Communications, Refresco

Tania Tasheva, Change & Communications Lead, Heineken


09.20 Ensure A Connected, Motivated & Productive Workforce By Establishing An Effective Hybrid & Flexible Working Model Which Satisfies Employee Expectations & Reaches & Engages Every Employee Wherever They Are Based

  • Harness valuable insights into evolving employee needs and expectations around new ways of working to maintain that critical balance between remote working and a connected workforce
  • Develop a cohesive company culture that overcomes distance to connect the workforce and strengthen solidarity amongst your community and instils a feeling of true belonging within the organisation to promote inclusivity
  • Respond to the ‘new normal’ by embedding the correct tools, technologies, and practices to enable internal communication professionals to support their teams effectively and work collaboratively to reach targets
  • Personal preferences and employee situations can change at any time! Ensure you have a fully equipped and seamless returning to office strategies in place in order to help your employees on the transition back into the office, and keep them engaged throughout

Reneé Remijnse, Communications Director Professional Hygiene, Essity


09.40 Champion Employees & Secure Boosted Engagement With High-Impact, People-Centric Strategies That Foster Feelings Of Belonging & Value To Drive Business Performance 

  • Develop a progressive company culture with communication strategies that inspire and encourage employees to instil pride in representing the organisation as ambassadors
  • Empower employees with the right tools, technologies, and agency to establish independence in the workplace and drive valuable engagement
  • Incentivise employee engagement with internal communication methods which are captured at all levels to boost retention and drive forward business performance
  • Ensure your internal communication strategies are truly successful and have real impact with benchmarking methods which effectively measure employee engagement in order to action insights and embed into your strategies moving forward

Pia Hansen, Director & Head of Global Commercial & Product Communications, LEO Pharma 

Bert Leoen, Director Group Communications, Proximus 

Dominik Rzepka, Director Corporate Communications, Symrise AG 

Elisabeth Hesse, Vice President Internal Communications, Events & Sponsoring, METRO AG 

Philip Herd, Director Of Communications, EU Public Affairs, Huawei 

Tino Fritsch, Head of Communications, ProGroup AG 

10.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner Karian & Box 

Ghassan Karian CEO Karian and Box


10.25 Cut-Through With A Refined & Tailored Multi-Channel Mix Which Exceeds Employee Expectations To Guarantee Optimised Engagement & Productivity 

  • Decipher the most effective tools, channels, and communications mix for your employees to move beyond a “one size fits all” approach to ensure maximum engagement
  • Streamline messaging and communication strategies to deliver important and relevant information efficiently and effectively on the right channel at the right time 
  • Implement an employee-centred experience design and channel mix which prioritises relevant, personalised information to ensure continuous 

Miguel Ribeiro, Head of Executive & Employee Communications, EMEA, Uber

10.45 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

11.15 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner 


11.30 Power Momentum & Continue To Secure A Seat At The Top Table By Emphasising The Continued Importance Of Internal Communications As A Q&A Critical & Strategic Business Function 

  • Promote the value and strategic function of internal communications by demonstrating bottom-line results of your efforts to secure leadership buy-in, accelerate business performance and drive real results with streamlined and effective communication strategies
  • IC has been vital over the pandemic to connect employees no matter where they were based, now it is business-critical to harness and retain this way of thinking moving forward to continue to prove the strategic role IC will play post-pandemic
  • Enable the business to break free from the boundaries of outdated legacy communication systems and embrace new and innovative ways of thinking which strengthen relationships with employees from the top-down
  • Agility has become a crucial factor for market success: how can this skill be harnessed to build trust amongst senior executives and unlock the potential value of incorporating internal communications into wider business strategies? 

Mirjam Govers, Director International Communications, Danone 

Stephanie de Heer, Global Senior Director, Marketing & Communications, Rainforest Alliance 

Birgit Ziesche, Corporate Vice President Internal Communications, Henkel 

Christine Nicolay, Global Communications Director, Starches, Sweeteners & Texturizers, Cargill 


12.00 Leverage Cutting-Edge Technologies To Create Dynamic & Impactful Internal Communication Strategies Which Boost Efficiencies & Engagement Through Critical Digital Innovations

  • Slack, Yammer, Workplace, Zoom... what are the latest tools and emerging technologies you should be incorporating you’re your internal communication strategies today?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges associated with implementing different emerging technologies and how can you ensure they add real business value to your communication strategies?
  • Successfully communicate the benefits of new tech and digital to your workforce in order to overcome resistance when launching new toolkits

Ann Halvorsen, VP Global Communications, Trivium Packaging 

12.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner 

12.50 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners 

13.50 Afternoon Co-Chairs' Opening Remarks 

Philip Herd, Director Of Communications, EU Public Affairs, Huawei 

Mariette Verbruggen, Group Communications Director, Cargill 


14.00 Establish Robust & Fresh Digital Transformation Strategies Fuelled By New, Digital Innovations & Cutting-Edge Technological Advances 

  • How have hybrid ways of working transformed business models over the past few years and how can you take advantage of this acceleration to strategically embed new digital into your existing ecosystem of communications networks?
  • Build effective internal communications strategies that boost engagement by leveraging the latest digital and technological developments and innovations to deliver tangible results
  • As the world moves rapidly towards a technology-enabled future, how can internal communications professionals optimise increased digital capabilities with innovative digital and technological solutions complement the needs of employ

14.00 Sven Hirschler, Senior Director Corporate Communications, Deutsche Hospitality 

14.20 Sara Martinotti, Head of Group Internal Communication, Ferrero 


14.40 Cultivate A Supportive & Open Workplace Culture Which Engages Employees, Prioritises Health & Wellbeing & Drives That All-Important Employee Connection Across The Organisation 

  • Generate a higher level of engagement that encourages senior level engagement and sponsorship from the top to establish greater connection amongst employees
  • Engrain an enterprise-wide culture and mindset change which sufficiently supports employees to create a consciously engaged workforce
  • Foster a culture of openness, honesty and transparency within your organisation that prioritises two-way communication to enable everyone to increase interaction and ensure everyone’s voices are heard
  • Provide a supportive and empathetic work environment to counteract the times of great uncertainty, stress and change to protect and prioritise employee wellbeing
  • Ensure appropriate measurement strategies are in place to encourage consistent feedback and that insights are effectively and appropriately actioned to respond to employee needs

14.40 Christiane Lesmeister, Director of Communications, LKQ Europe 

15.00 Natalia Satleikina, Director Employee Engagement, DEI, Miele 


15.20 Drive Practical Action By Embedding Diversity & Inclusion At The Core Of Your IC Strategies & Maximise Engagement By Promoting A Culture Of Openness, Inclusivity & Support For All Employees 

  • Motivate leadership to prioritise D&I within IC strategies to ensure all employees feel valued and supported in the workplace
  • Create robust frameworks that embed the values of D&I into the heart of the organisation with tangible methods for benchmarking and feedback processes to establish a culture of belonging and inclusivity
  • How can you engage the C-suite to prioritise the needs of their employees to drive an authentic, open and honest organisational culture that promotes inclusivity?

Edward Verheij, Head of Communication Benelux, MediaMarkt Nederland 

Mignon van der Westerlaken, Head Public Affairs & Communication NL, Sanofi 

Lena Tsvetinskaya, Diversity, Culture & Engagement Director, PepsiCo Europe 

Eerika Roos-Kulvik, Senior Director Communications EMEA & Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead, EMEA, Discovery Inc 

15.50 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking 

16.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner 


16.50 An Integrated Employer Branding Campaign In The Hospitality Industry Delivered By Accor 

  • At a time when business was taking yet another hit, reaching new talents became increasingly challenging, the Heart of Hospitality campaign was born
  • It is a platform to tell stories of this much-loved sector and to remind our guests and future talents that our people are at the heart of every experience
  • Launched in October 2021, it focuses on telling stories of Accor employees from across the region through a multi-channel approach (a dedicated website, Instagram account, Social Media, PR and internal channels)
  • A key element is a dedicated podcast, hosted by Accor Northern Europe CEO Duncan O’Rourke, with guests ranging from industry leaders to passionate talents
  • We will launch the second season of this campaign end of June 2022 with many new stories and 8 podcast episodes with guests around the globe 

Janine Martin, Director Internal Communications Northern Europe, Accor 

Anne Wahl-Pozeg, Senior Vice President Communications, Accor


17.10 An Integrated Employer Branding Campaign In The Hospitality Industry Delivered By Bosch 

  • Restructuring activities are often kept secret so that no one gets restless - ensure this doesn’t end in a similar communication threatening the company’s reputation
  • Discover the success factors for effective communication of your restructuring activities

Michael Kattau, Director Communications, Powertrain Solutions, Bosch 


17.30 Uncover The Key Upcoming Trends & Latest Innovations In Internal Communications, Reflect On Critical Lessons Learned & Implement Changes That Will Shape IC In 2022 & Beyond 

  • What is next on the horizon for internal communications and how can organisations adapt and align communication strategies to keep up with the latest trends?
  • As we continue to tackle the lasting impact of the pandemic, how can internal communications professionals continue to develop comms strategies that incorporate the popularity of hybrid working effectively?
  • The last few years in review: explore the upcoming opportunities to flourish and develop as an organisation while incorporating critical lessons learned
  • How will the latest digital innovations influence and enhance internal communication strategies and respond to the new working landscape? 

Alexia Sommer, Global Employee Communications Manager, Holkin 

Tania Tasheva, Change & Communications Lead, Heineken 

Kim Larsen, Head of Global Communications, Brand & MarCom, ING 

18.00 Afternoon Co-Chairs' Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference