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A One Day Conference & Networking Exhibition | 21 November 2024 | Amsterdam

Embracing AI & Impacting Business Change, Engagement & Performance With Innovative & Strategic Internal Communications

08.15 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.10 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Stefanie Przybisch, Communications, PR & Influence Director, Room Mate Hotels

Supporting & Driving Change Management

09.20 Equip Leaders & Staff With The Tools To Navigate An Ever-Changing World Supported By Effective Internal Comms Strategies That Champion Change, Prioritise Wellbeing & Manage Uncertainty

  • Highlight the increasing frequency and complexity of change in today’s dynamic environment, emphasising the importance of acknowledging and addressing this reality in internal communications strategies
  • Equip managers, leaders and employees with the tools and mindset to navigate constant change, incorporating the narrative that change is inevitable with practical examples to guide supportive implementation
  • Address the challenge of talent shortage exacerbated by widespread change, and discuss how internal communications can play a critical role in retaining and attracting talent amidst uncertainty
  • Combatting change fatigue: showcase the role of internal communications in supporting management through reorganisations and change initiatives, fostering resilience and motivation among employees

Krysia Sommers, Head of Communications, Bayer Vital (Germany)

Strategic AI, Automation & Digital - Panel & Q&A

09.40 Uncover The Transformative Power Of AI To Improve Efficiencies Within IC Whilst Addressing Fears & Maintaining A Human Approach To Drive Employee Engagement

  • Explore the new opportunities AI presents to reshape organisation cultures and redefine work habits and the pivotal role of IC in navigating this cultural evolution
  • The introduction of AI has reshaped the world permanently, so what can your organisation do to leverage this change and unleash its potential to drive internal communication efficiencies and propel business capabilities to new heights?
  • Managing fear and uncertainty around AI and automation can be challenging: address concerns about job displacement due to AI and demonstrate the strategic and critical role of internal comms to alleviate fears and encourage acceptance of AI within the workplace
  • Identify best practices and proven capabilities for leveraging AI in IC to enhance efficiencies and agility to revolutionise internal communication strategies and drive productivity, impact and adaptability in the digital age
  • Taking a human-centric AI approach: debate and discuss the importance of preserving human competencies and creativity in conjunction with AI, ensuring a balanced approach that maintains the humanity of internal comms whilst drawing on the strengths of digital solutions

EVP & Employee Engagement

10.10 Elevate Employee Engagement With Internal Communication Strategies & Innovations That Prioritise Engagement & Highlight Your Unique Employee Value Proposition

  • Discover innovative approaches to leverage internal communications as a catalyst for ongoing employee engagement to keep employees informed, motivated, and connected
  • Explore new strategies to create a culture of engagement by prioritising transparent communication, meaningful recognition, and opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • Enhance the employee experience through strategic communication by effectively conveying company values, goals, and initiatives, thereby creating a sense of belonging and shared purpose among employees
  • Leverage internal communications to amplify the employee value proposition by showcasing the unique benefits and opportunities that set your organisation apart as an employer of choice to attract and retain the top talent

Rachel Fischer, Head of Corporate Communications, Allianz Services

10.30 Bonus Session: Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

11.00 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Comms Strategy: Channels & Content Creation

11.30 Transform Your Existing Communication Channels To Meet The Needs Of All Stakeholders To Guarantee Engagement, Productivity & Teamwork

  • Address the need for modernising communication methods to reflect your diversifying workforce, transitioning from static newsletters and emails to dynamic, engaging channels that consider the needs of all stakeholders
  • Explore the shift towards collaborative and participative communication, providing employees with the tools and platforms needed to interact and engage with each other in real-time to encourage a culture of open dialogue and teamwork
  • Emphasise the importance of inclusivity in internal communication strategies, ensuring that communication efforts are not solely focused on desktop users but also cater to employees with varying access and technology preference
  • Optimising the intranet: discuss the role of the intranet as a central hub for information and updates, exploring best practices for designing and maintaining an intranet platform that is intuitive, user-friendly, and serves the needs of diverse employee groups effectively
  • Discuss the future of communication channels, including the continued rise of mobile communication apps, social media platforms, and collaboration tools, and explore how organisations can leverage these channels to deliver more personalised, interactive, and engaging communication experiences

Joanna Ceglowska, Director, Communications, AstraZeneca

Janusz Berger, Associate Director of Communications, AstraZeneca


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