The Corporate Communications Conference Europe


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Navigate Crisis, Express Purpose & Deliver Reputation-Boosting Stakeholder Comms Through

Authentic, Value-Adding Corporate Communications & Reputation Strategies During Uncertainty & Volatility

The Corporate Communications Conference | 25 June 2024 | Amsterdam

8.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Can Okar, Vice President, Head of Communications & Public Affairs, International Operations, Novo Nordisk

Building Resilient Reputations - Double Perspective

09.10 Deliver Value-Adding, Reputation-Boosting Corporate Communications In An Ever-Changing, Turbulent Environment

  • In a complex and volatile news landscape, how can reputation-boosting comms cut through the noise and effectively engage stakeholders and the wider community?
  • Build long-lasting, resilient reputations that can withstand times of crisis, both internal and external
  • Turn your C-Suite into your A-Team? Coaching leadership to become reputation strengtheners – both in and out of the business
  • How can organisations develop an authentic and trusted tone of voice that builds strong reputational and brand value?

09.10 Diana Abrahams, Director of Communications, AkzoNobel

Crisis Comms Strategies - Panel & Q&A

09.35 Take Control Back In A World Of Permacrisis: Quickly Get Ahead Of Crisis Issues To Cut Problems Off Early With Flexible, Effective Crisis Comms Strategies

  • Icebreaker: an example of when crisis comms have backfired or your biggest crisis comms lesson learnt
  • How can tech and tools be used to spot potential crises as they emerge, and react to them faster and more effectively?
  • Develop flexible crisis plans that can react with speed and clarity under pressure
  • Communicate quickly and clearly to stakeholders during crisis to minimise reputational damage and maintain confidence and trust
  • When crisis hits on social media, how can organisations reclaim their narrative and quash speculation without spreading the issue further?

Klaus Nørskov, Director of Communication & Public Affairs, Danish Red Cross

David Mills, Corporate & Government Affairs Director, European Markets, Mondelēz International

Felipe Contreras, Global VP of Comms, Too Good To Go

Petra Kok, Head of External Communications & Spokesperson, TUI Nederland N.V

Mathieu Guillot, Head of Media Relations, Air France-KLM

10.15     Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

A Reputational Reckoning: Understanding PR's Impact On Reputation

10.45 As guardians of reputation, PR and comms leaders will be the first called upon during a crisis or risk to an organisation’s reputation. But we’re often failing to properly measure, understand and prove the impact of communications on reputation. We’re failing to prove our own value. 

  • This session will explore a robust, holistic and consistent approach to measuring reputation
  • How the principles of best practice measurement, evaluation and learning are the bedrock of reputation management
  • The importance of moving beyond measuring activity to demonstrate impact
  • Case studies demonstrating this in action

Orla Graham, Insights Consultant, CARMA

AI In Corporate Comms - Delegate Discussion

11.00 From Potential To Value: How AI Can Be Turned From A Buzzword Into A Valuable Tool To Move Comms Strategies Forward & Deliver Genuine Results For Organisations

  • It’s more than just ChatGPT! What role can AI play for comms professionals outside of assisting with copywriting?
  • How can organisations protect themselves from reputational risks that emerge from AI, such as deepfakes?
  • If not AI, what are the current tools making our colleagues’ lives easier?

Sustainability & ESG Comms - Panel & Q&A

11.25 Drive Sustainability & ESG Goals Forward & Deliver Real Organisational Value Through Powerful & Authentic Comms Strategies

  • Ensure ESG comms are backed by concrete actions and updates to avoid greenwashing accusations and potential reputational damage
  • How can complex developments, hurdles and results around sustainability be communicated effectively to different sets of stakeholders with very different needs?
  • With some sustainability goals taking 5, 10 and 20+ years, how can narratives around sustainability and ESG remain current when updates are slow?

Leanne Attridge, Global Director of Corporate Communications, Too Good To Go

Monica Provini, Head of Group Media Relations & Content Management, Generali

Evi Robignon, Director Public Relations & Communications, Radisson Hotel Group

12.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner – Cision

Internal Comms & Employee Engagement

12.15 Powerful & Engaging Internal Comms, Content & Storytelling Which Helps Employees Resonate With The Organisational Goals & Builds Strong Internal Cultures

  • Harness internal comms as a tool to drive employee engagement and advocacy to boost public perception and attract future talent
  • How can communications to colleagues be kept clear and effective during periods of great change and transformation?
  • Reach employees across hybrid, deskless and home-working colleagues and ensure consistent engagement and messaging throughout the organisation

Elisabeth Hesse, Vice President Internal Communications, Events & Sponsoring, METRO AG

12.45 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

Informal Peer Discussions


a) “What If You Can’t Say What You Want?” – Comms In Regulated Areas

Mignon van der Westerlaken, Head Public Affairs & Communications NL, Sanofi

b) Comms On A Budget

c)  Critical Hours Comms

d) Thought Leadership

e) Government Relations

f) Engaging Media & Journalists 

13.45 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Kuzey Esener, Head of Media Relations, TUI

Communicating Around Global Crisis - Panel & Q&A

13.55 Communicate Effectively & Clearly With All Stakeholders On Complex & Emotive Subjects In A World Growing Ever More Unpredictable & Polarised

  • When issues such as conflict and COVID emerge, how can organisations effectively communicate with the right tone of voice around complex global topics?
  • In a VUCA world, how can comms professionals stay alert and prepared for the next great global challenges?
  • When businesses are often expected to weigh in on human issues, how do we ascertain the company perspective on complex, emotive issues?
  • When to speak up and when to stay quiet? Determine when to communicate during global crisis and when the conversation is for others to have
  • When local messaging from organisations can have global reputational impact, how can organisations ensure comms teams are speaking with one voice?

Eoin Weldon, Head of Communications, UK & Ireland, Merck Life Science, Merck Group

14.25 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


14.40 Use Data-Driven Insights To Build A Corporate Communications Strategy That Focuses On Value

  • How best can the business value of communications be showcased?
  • How can the ROI and value of corporate communications be best measured and presented to key stakeholders?
  • How can comms integrate effectively with external engagement initiatives to drive measurable impact and shift approaches from output to outcome-centric?

Cynthia Bonsignore, Head of Communications, Belgium & Luxembourg, Roche

Communicating CSR & Purpose

15.05 Engage Internal & External Audiences With Purpose-Led Communications That Push Forward Social Progress & Showcase Business Leadership

  • How can comms professionals integrate CSR and purpose into the end-to-end comms strategy, putting purpose at the heart of all communications?
  • When purpose means different things to everyone, how can organisations be brave in defining and communicating their standpoint and stand out from the crowd with clear values?
  • Engage employees through CSR comms and turn them into strong advocates for your organisation

Juleah Love, Global Head of Brand Corporate Engagement, YSL Beauty

15.35 Afternoon Break With Informal Networking

Diversity & Inclusion

16.05 Embed D&I At The Heart Of Comms & Support Organisational Diversity Programmes With Authentic Communications

  • How do you use internal and external comms to build an inclusive internal culture which supports diversity and belonging?
  • Getting it right: keep pace with the evolving language of EDI to ensure all comms set the right tone and resonate with different stakeholder audiences
  • How can comms professionals communicate diversity and inclusion consistently across a wide variety of regions and locations?
  • Match up diversity communications with wider D&I strategic aims for authentic programmes that resonate with internal and external stakeholders

 Pearl Saadi, Communications Director, Guy’s & St. Thomas’ Foundation

Strategic Role Of Corporate Communications - Panel & Q&A

16.30 Position Corporate Comms As A Valuable & Strategic Business Function To Support & Shape Organisational Direction & Safeguard Business Reputation

  • What methods can communications teams use to open the eyes of senior leaders to the true value of the corporate comms function to the organisation?
  • When corporate communications remits often straddle marketing, HR and comms responsibilities, how can we solidify the role and strategic positioning within the business?
  • Can’t ChatGPT just write it instead? As AI and new technologies threaten to change job roles throughout businesses, what skills do comms professionals need to develop to demonstrate unshakeable value and cement their position for the future?
  • How can comms strategies be matched to the overall direction of organisational strategy and help drive long-term, holistic value?

Iván Carballido, Director of Corporate Communications, Europe, Africa & Middle East, Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Heather Campbell, Chief Communications & Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Eurostar

Martijn van Klaveren, Director of Communications & Stakeholder Engagement, Postcode Lottery Group, Netherlands

17.05 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Kuzey Esener, Head of Media Relations, TUI