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31 Brands In 1 Day Explore How To Drive Real Business Performance With Impactful, Engaging & Strategic Internal Communications

Drive Real Business Performance With Impactful, Engaging & Strategic Internal Communications. Boost Engagement & Productivity With The Latest Digital, Technology, Social Media & Channel Trends, Drive Top-To-Bottom Organisational Employee Engagement, Reach & Change & Demonstrate Impact To Position Internal Comms As A Strategic Function.

A European, Practitioner-Led, One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 14th November 2019, Postillion Hotel & Convention Center, Amsterdam

08.30 Registration, Coffee & Informal Networking

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Marielle Harsveldt
Global Head of Internal Communications

Claudia Romay
Global Internal Communications Manager


09.10 Simply The Best! Share Insights & Experiences Into The Gold Standard Of Internal Communications

Klaske Woolthuis
Head of Internal Communications


09.30 You Can’t Escape The Digital Revolution: Continue To Challenge Traditional Methods With Company-Wide, New Wave, Digital Communications

  • How can we determine the true impact of the digital transformation
  • Highlight the benefits of digital adoption to overcome employee resistance to digitalisation
  • From AI to Chatbots, explore the key tools and technologies transforming internal communications and how they can boost engagement, results and business performance

Joachim Hechinger
Head of Internal Digital Ecosystem
Siemens AG


09.50 Determine The Right Channels & Comms Mix To Achieve Maximum Engagement, Reach & Interaction

  • Establish the correct tools, channels and communications mix for your company: optimise your timings and roll-outs for maximum engagement
  • Avoid information overload with sophisticated messaging which ensures the right information is delivered to the right people in the right channel
  • Create a culture of story-telling with platforms that elevate employer branding and advocates for your company
  • Tips and tricks for a streamlined integration strategy which delivers a smooth experience for users

Steffen Henke
Head of Internal and Executive Communications
Vodafone Germany

10.20 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


10.50 Inspire Employees & Drive Engagement To Stimulate Top Performance & Boost Business Results

  • Go the extra mile with innovative communication methods which boost engagement at all levels, drive performance and boost retention
  • Use engagement to build a real connection with your employees and create ambassadors who are proud of the company they represent
  • Evaluate your strategy to determine what really struck a chord and what was left unread

Sarah Karan
Global Head of Enterprise Communications


11.10 Best-Practice Strategies For Inspiring Leadership & Reinforcing That Employee Engagement Is Key To Business Success

  • From directors to line managers, eliminate leadership stubbornness to get on board with new tech with tips and tricks to drive implementation
  • How can internal comms modernise top-down communication and inspire head office to connect with their employees and realise the importance of communication?
  • Secure continuous executive buy-in and budget with business cases which demonstrate the vital role of internal communications in boosting company results

Karen Cho
Head of Employee Communications, Commercial Bank


11.30 Determine The Key Measurements & Metrics To Demonstrate The True Impact Of Internal Communications On Community, Culture & Company

• What have you learned? Evaluate, improve and integrate to continue strengthening your comms and wider business strategies
• Reporting and analysis: set the right KPIs to understand results and accurately measure communications impact
• Make the most of tools and technologies to present tangible results quickly and precisely

Lina Perdomo
Director of Internal Communications Digital Channels
Schneider Electric


11.50 Using Insight To Drive Greater Leader Accountability In Supporting Strategic Internal Communications

Ghassan Karian
Karian and Box

12.20 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners


12.50 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Story Telling

Anastasiya Volkova
Internal Communications & Engagement Manager- Europe
Anheuser-Busch InBev

B) Intranet

Sara Martinotti
Head of Group Internal Communication
Ferrero Group


Nikos Sourmelakis
Head of Digital Communication

D) Podcasts

Sandie Gustus
Global Head of Communications, Group IT & Group Procurement
AXA Group Operations

E) Using Insight To Drive Greater Leader Accountability In Supporting Strategic Internal Communications

Louise Breed
Associate Director
Karian and Box

F) Video
G) Low-Budget

13.20 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

James Bedford
Global Director, Internal Communications & External Affairs


13.25 Break Down Barriers & Reinforce Internal Communications As An Enabler Of Business Strategy – Not Just A Background Function

  • Use bottom-line results to prove the day-to-day positive impact that internal communications has on company performance
  • Highlight the added value to key internal stakeholders and C-Suite to secure ongoing budget support and continue supporting and influencing the business agenda
  • Get a seat at the top table to build trust, gain executive buy-in and establish internal communications as imperative in business strategies

Aimee Goldsmith
Associate Director, Company Communications
P&G Northern Europe

Sandra David-Dentener
Director of Internal Communications
Philips International

Elissaveta Ivanova
Culture & Change Communications, COE
GE Power

Marielle Harsveldt
Global Head of Internal Communications

Belén Presas Mata
Manager of Internal Communications, EMEA
Radisson Hotel Group

Karen Dikken
Senior Manager Internal Communication

Ula Iwanska
Head of People - Spain

Philipp Aschmann
Director, International People Acquisition


13.55 Reduce The Fear Of Fast-Paced & Frequent Change With A Smooth Strategy That Has Internal Comms At Its Heart

  • Reduce resistance to change with open and honest communications which recognise employee concerns and increase optimism and acceptance
  • Make doing things the right way part of corporate culture
  • Choose the right approach and tailor your messaging to encourage employees to ride the wave of change
  • What are the global and local effects of change?

Alberto Baltanás
Head of Internal Communications
Grupo Santander

João Vidal Lopes
Head of Internal Communications
Santander Portugal

14.15 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email


14.45 It's Not Going Anywhere! Understand Social Media Within Your Business & Reap The Results Of An Engaged Workforce

  • How is social media changing the way we communicate? Best-practice enterprise social network strategies which deliver on your KPIs
  • Key insights to train your employee community to use social media in a professional manner
  • Discover how to compete with Facebook and Instagram to ensure your internal communication content gets ‘likes’ and goes viral between employees

Chiara Montecucco
Internal Communication Manager

Janine Langlotz
Head of Digital Communications Strategies
Bayer AG

15.15 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


15.45 Engage Offline & Remote Employees & Unite Your Business Community Across All Locations, Cultures & Time Zones

  • What are the best tools, processes and channels to get in touch with every employee and encourage conversation despite distances?
  • Get it right from the start and create an inclusive, understanding company culture which engages across borders (geographical or not)
  • Ditch the blanket approach and deliver individual discussion to enhance the feeling of belonging across your business

Mayyada Ansari
Senior Manager Global Internal Communications


16.05 Create A Feedback Culture & Instil Confidence In Your Employees That Their Opinion Matters

  • Show how employees at head office are listening by enabling two-way interaction on all channels between all levels
  • Evaluate content to define your channel mix and modernise top-down communication for the future
  • Realise the power of peer-to-peer communication and encourage everyone to contribute to company culture

Michael Bauer
Head of Internal Communications
GSK Vaccines


16.25 Four Years Ago, ING Introduced Its Agile Way Of Working In The Netherlands....

  • How did agile working change the company culture and communications in the bank?
  • What role does the Center of Expertise Communications and Brand Experience play today?
  • What are the main insights and learnings on (internal) communications in an agile context?

Joyce Hulst
Area Lead Internal & External Communications
ING Belgium & The Netherlands


16.45 What Will The Future Bring For Internal Comms? Key Trends & Developments That Are Gaining Pace For 2020 & Beyond

  • Hashtags, video, podcasts, intranet, vlogs… are they still having an impact?
  • Determine which is most-effective and evolve your communications with the latest trends
  • In a rapidly-changing world, how can internal communications ensure that it is keeping up? How is the role changing and will your company need to adapt?
  • What tech will be hot for 2020? Discover the latest digital innovations which could enhance the Internal Communication function even further
  • Avoid leaving a generation behind and adopt a strategy which resonates with all ages

Phillipp Aschmann
Director International People Acquisition

Unn Kvendseth
Internal Communications Manager Upstream

Joachim Hechinger
Head of Internal Digital Ecosystem
Siemens AG


17.15 Chair's Closing Remarks & Official Close of Conference