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New Internal Communications Inspiration From 35 IC Directors As They Rethink & Update Their Strategies For Our Changed Reality!

Learning Lessons From Times Of Rapid Change, Crisis & Uncertainty For Engaging, Strategic & Connected Internal Communications: Future-Proofed Comms Strategies To Drive Employee Engagement & Real Business Performance, Proactively Plan For Crisis & Change, Transform Digital Communications, Connect Remote Workers, Perfect Measurement-Focused, Multi-Channel Strategies, Establish Supportive Workplace Cultures, Win Leadership Buy-In & Cement IC As A Mission-Critical, Strategic Function

A European, Practitioner-Led, One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 20th April 2021, Virtual Only

08.30 Registration, Coffee & Informal Networking

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Co-Chair’s Opening Remark

Ariella Yaari, Head of Communications, Israel, Phillip Morris International

Christine Drud von Haffner, Director Internal Communications, Corporate Communications, Pandora


09.10 Deliver High-Impact Engagement Strategies Which Foster Belonging & Drive Business Performance

  • Outside-the-box and budget-friendly tactics to engage employees and foster belonging throughout the entire organisation
  • Benchmark employee engagement to minimise disenfranchisement and produce impactful comms
  • Champion colleagues to become ambassadors who believe in the organisation’s core values and are proud of the company they represent COVID, change, crisis… after the dust has settled, go above and beyond to recover employee engagement and rebuild an authentic connection with your workforce

Bessie Kokalis-Pescio, Global Head of Internal Communications, Philip Morris International


09.30 Evaluate Your Crisis Communications Strategy & Performance & Proactively Plan To Tackle Every Element Of A Crisis

  • In a post-COVID world, what are the key lessons learned from the crisis and how can you make sure your business is prepared for the unknown?
  • Get the basics right: from spotting a crisis, to comms frequency and clear messaging plans which co-ordinate with the wider organisation
  • Plan to be proactive when crisis hits to maintain employee engagement and business continuity

Bastiaan Verweij, Director of Internal Communications & Project Management, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Ricardo Martin, Director, Communications - Digital Dialogue, Media & Analyst Relations, ABB Ability™– Digital ABB

Edel Clancy, Director of Communications & Corporate Affairs, Musgrave Group

Tim Rutter, Head of UK Internal Communications, Tata Steel Europe

Marielle Harsveldt, Global Head of Internal Communications, Aegon


10.00 Interactive Comms & Robust Tech Infrastructure To Engage Home & Remote Workers, Maintain High Productivity & Connect The Workforce

  • Channels and comms to reach, motivate and engage every remote employee and connect them to the wider business
  • Internal comms frameworks to support a strong company culture and keep up with the mental health, wellbeing and engagement levels of remote workers
  • The perfect set up: combine the right technologies, internal comms and engagement tactics to ensure home working is as productive as the office
  • Without face-to-face interaction, which tools are needed to guide and support line managers and ensure employees meet their own individual performance targets?

Laura Villaescusa, Global Head of Employee Communications, LafargeHolcim

10.20 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


10.50 Discover The Latest, Cutting-Edge Tools, Tech & Social Media To Maintain High Engagement With Innovative Digital Communication

  • Workplace, Yammer, Zoom, Skype… assess available tools to determine which are right for your business
  • Communicate the benefits of new tech to your workforce to overcome resistance when launching new systems
  • Explore the latest emerging tech revolutionising the digital workplace and evaluate its impact on engagement and corporate performance

Guilherme Santana, Head of Digital Transformation, Change Management & Communications, DHL Supply Chain

Communication That Makes A Real Difference

11.10 Communication That Makes A Real Difference – What The Evidence Shows Us Works

  • Five key insights for organisations looking to improve internal communications, based on new research with almost 1 million employees throughout 2020
  • The power of involving employees in your business strategy to drive engagement
  • How to unlock employee trust through best-practice senior leader engagement methods
  • Bringing research data to life with case study examples from FTSE 100 organisations

Paul Jones, Client Solutions Director, Karian and Box


11.30 Refine & Perfect Your Multi-Channel Comms Strategy & Understand The Needs Of Different Employees To Optimise Engagement & Productivity

  • Evaluate the most effective channels for your organisation to ensure crucial messages are received by the right people at the right time
  • With so many tools available, how to ensure you are choosing the right channels for your business needs?
  • The person behind the screen: perfect the balance between innovative digital communication and maintaining the human touch
  • Deliver streamlined communications which avoid bombarding your employees and prioritise the most relevant and important information

Tim Rutter, Head of UK Internal Communications, Tata Steel Europe


11.50 Communicate, Orchestrate, Reward, Repeat

  • How do world-class brands like Davita, Shell, Ulta & Avis do it?
  • Successful internal communication requires a high adoption of your chosen platform
  • It’s a straight-forward premise, but one that can be an elusive objective

In this session, learn how communication ends are achieved through the means of what we call Workforce Orchestration® 

Tim Wheeler, VP Sales, Europe, WorkJam


12.10 Break Down Corporate Barriers & Position Internal Communications As A Vital, Strategic Business Function

  • Prove the value internal communications brings to corporate performance and position the function as a strategic advisor with a seat at the top table
  • Align the message: work effectively with external comms, PR, marketing and other departments to create an integrated strategy that reflects the organisation’s voice
  • The pivotal role of IC during COVID-19: ensure the function remains centre stage with the correct investment and early executive buy-in

Marielle Harsveldt, Global Head of Internal Communications, Aegon

Tina Hentley, Head of Communications, Special Projects & Change Management, Total

Simona Radu, Head of Communications Excellence, Schneider Electric

Birgit Ziesche, Corporate Vice President Henkel Interna Communications, Henkel

12.40 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.40 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Guy Britt, Global Head of Co-Worker Communication, IKEA Group


13.50 Join A Discussion With Your Peers

A) Offline Workers

Helen McCarthy-Deeks, Internal Communications Manager Europe, FedEx Express Europe

B) The Relationship Between IC & Mid-Level Management

Johnny Lyons, Senior Communications Manager - Transformation, Bank of Ireland

C) Communication That Makes A Real Difference – What The Evidence Shows Us Works

Paul Jones, Client Solutions Director, Karian and Box



14.10 Avoid Change Fatigue During Times Of Disruption & Boost Employee Buy-In With Streamlined, Effective Change Communication Strategies

  • Change is a constant! Explore the skills and disciplines needed to ensure employees thrive through internal transition
  • Bolster collaboration between internal communicators and change managers to embed practices, expectations and technologies and emphasise the ‘new normal’
  • In times of uncertainty, steps to perfect the right tone of voice to maximise employee acceptance and create change-ready cultures

Lynette Jackson, Head of Communications (Smart Infrastructure), Siemens


14.30 The Role Of Internal Comms In Cultivating A Culture Of Care, Compassion & Open Conversation To Support Wellbeing & Drive Employee Connection Across The Entire Business During Uncertainty & Change

  • Crucial post-Covid-19 steps to reconnect employees and foster supportive cultures which cater to the needs of remote workers and reignite the company culture
  • Nothing determines corporate success (or failure) more than workplace culture! Steps to guarantee your employees feel supported and drive engagement, productivity and retention
  • Create empathetic and authentic tone of voice, messaging, language and content in times of uncertainty
  • Foster a culture of trust and transparency: encourage employees to raise personal and professional issues and support their mental health and wellbeing
  • Make sure employee survey feedback is actioned to maintain an employee-centric culture which fits their needs

Lena Tsvetinskaya, Diversity, Culture & Engagement Director, PepsiCo Europe

Elisabeth Hesse, Director Internal Relations, Events & Sponsoring, METRO AG

15.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Using Technology To Advance Gender Equality

15.45 Using technology to advance gender equality... in a way that’s never been done before.

Technology presents us with new opportunities to create more inclusive workplaces by connecting people with knowledge and tools to empower them. Join iSaw founder, Nancy Speidel to discover how they're using intranet technology to move the dial on gender equality and advance women in business in novel ways.

Nancy Speidel, Co-founder and CEO, iSaw (International Smart Advancing Women)

Matthew Boyd, Product Evangelist, Unily


16.00 Discover Effective Measurement Techniques To Determine The True Results Of Internal Communication & Assess What Really Works

  • Beyond clicks, likes and reads… explore measurement metrics to analyse the impact of your communication strategy
  • Strengthen your communication strategy by constantly reviewing results to ensure all your vital messages are picked up
  • Set clear communication goals and link them to wider business objectives to pivot fast and drive continuous improvement

Simona Radu, Head of Communications Excellence, Schneider Electric


16.20 Next-Level, Creative Content Strategies To Promote An Employee-Centric Culture, Connect With Your Workforce & Promote Engagement

  • With shorter attention spans and social media taking over, explore the latest formats and keep your content relevant and fun to battle for your employee’s advocacy
  • Tighten the belt: tips to maintain your communication strategy and instil a sense of belonging when budgets are tight
  • Move towards a story-telling culture to make the corporate seem more personable and ensure messages really resonate

Sara Martinotti, Head of Group Internal Communication, Ferrero Group


16.40 Motivate Leaders To Be The Centre Of Communications & Get In Front Of Employees To Drive Engagement & Pride In The Business

  • Make those at head office accessible to all and bolster an inclusive, open and honest company culture
  • Tips to win employees over to the leadership’s vision of the future of the business
  • Coach your leaders to be present and human to ensure employees feel emotionally connected to the business from top to bottom


17.00 Implement Lessons Learned & Keep Up With The Latest Trends & Innovations In Internal Communications For 2021 & Beyond

  • 2020 has not gone to plan! Review which strategies will continue into 2021 and which we should leave behind
  • Social media is taking over! Ensure your strategy reflects the latest channels and trends and remains relevant
  • The post-COVID working from home revolution? How have internal communications and IT systems fundamentally adapted to fulfil the needs and demands of remote working?

Alexiana Cirier, Head of Communication & Employee Engagement, AXA International & New Markets

Ivano Ferioli, Head of Internal Communication Channels & Social Collaboration, Enel Group

Tino Fritsch, Head of Communications, thyssenkrupp

17.30 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference